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Writing Truer Individual and Collective Stories

About Me

After years of engaging, clarifying, and helping others develop powerful messages [as a Student, Teacher, and Master Writing Coach], I uncovered my own. The decision to share it launched me on a journey of transformation that quickly made my personal and professional life unrecognizable.

Realizing how powerful a Message can be—not only for the audience, but for the Messenger—I integrated everything I’d learned from some of the world’s most outstanding educators, transformational coaches, and heart-centered business experts, and grew a dynamic, profitable enterprise around my Butterfly Approach to Writing, Speaking, Facilitating, and Healing in just a few short years.

Over the last decade, I have facilitated dozens of books from Inspiration to Impact, and several of those to Amazon Bestseller and award-winning status. I have also been blessed to co-generate paradigm-shifting and systemic-change-catalyzing curricula that is improving the lives of tens of thousands of teachers, parents, and children.

Five years after I wrote, published, and launched my first book [Upside-Down Mommy] as an Amazon Bestseller in less than 3 months, I wrote Upside-Down Messenger to make The Messenger Matrix visible to messengers struggling to change the world on their own terms.

Why CocoonU

Over ten years of supporting messengers and heroes as they heal personal and collective stories, I have experienced and witnessed the profound power of Community. 

The inspiration to change the world compels us to act, but it usually does not sustain us through the tougher phases of the journey. Most of us would never survive these adventures [let alone complete them successfully] without allies who know our st*ries, believe in our unique quest, and lend their superpowers as needed.

If you know you are here to change a story in your life, your family, your industry, or a broken system, I believe CocoonU will provide you with many opportunities to develop the clarity, capacity, and community you need to succeed without compromising your health, sanity, or soul along the way.