Welcome to CocoonU

Writing Truer Individual and Collective Narratives from Inspiration to Impact

Why CocoonU

After more than a decade of experimenting with multiple approaches to helping messengers complete manuscripts and individuals rewrite old st*ries, we discovered the key factor of success was immersion in Community. 

The inspiration to change the world (or a generational story in our family or workplace) compels us to act, but it usually does not sustain us through the tougher phases of the journey. Most of us would never survive these adventures (let alone complete them successfully) without allies who know our st*ries, believe in our unique quest, and lend their superpowers as needed.

If you know you are here to change a story in your lifetime for your family, your industry, or a broken system, we believe CocoonU will provide you with many opportunities to develop the clarity, capacity, and community you need to succeed without compromising your health, sanity, or soul along the way.